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Pearl Crisis proposes a relevant and consistent approach focused on human factor through action learning to develop talents and collective intelligence. We bring together experts from every domain, including elite units of the French Special Units to provide a wide range and cutting edge solutions.

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Franck Chauty

Director & Partner

Pearl Crisis Response Senior Director

Senior Crisis Management Expert

Franck has had a 22-year career as Navy senior Officer in Special Forces and in the field of intelligence. He was deployed in various crisis area abroad and trained in France but also within the Special Warfare Center & School at Fort Bragg (USA).
He joined afterwards the risk management and business intelligence company Axis & Co, prior to integrate in 2011 Amarante International, a leading European security company. In 2016, he is selected as STX shipyard’s head of military branch business development. After STX takeover bid by a competitor, Franck joined L’Oréal Group in 2018, a global company listed on the French Stock Exchange.

After successfully achieving the L’Oréal Group’s « Crisis Management » implementation by the end of 2019, Franck turned to a new entrepreneurship challenge, creating Pearl Crisis Response and developing the BECALM method.

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Philippe Horras

MD & Partner

Pearl Crisis Response Managing Director

Crisis Management Expert

Philippe has had a 21-year career as Navy senior Officer in Special Forces and in the field of intelligence. Philippe was trained in the Britannia Royal Naval College prior to be qualified officer of the watch and French Navy Special Forces troop leader. Oriented to intelligence operations, Philippe deployed to Africa, Middle East and Asia, in crisis and complex situations throughout numerous sensitive missions. Philippe got grips with private companies’ issues in the field of strategic intelligence at a crossroad of geopolitical, economic and social fields giving importance to weak and early warning signals prior to crisis.

By the end of 2019, Philippe joined with Franck to create Pearl Crisis Response

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and learning

Sébastien Fage


Pearl Crisis Response

Senior Crisis Management Expert

Sebastien served 20 years as a senior intelligence officer with the French DoD. Troughout his career, he held numerous field assignements in crisis areas and led deployments in sensitive and complex environments. For several years, Sebastien was assigned to oversee a cell in charge of training and operations of a special intelligence unit. Afterwards, Sebastien joined an executive search firm as SVP, then settled his own company, specialized in cybersecurity recruitment.

He also provides training to private business companies in the field of crisis management, teambuilding and decision-making processes.

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