Experience shows
that the higher
an entity's level
of preparedness,
the greater
its resilience.



Organization proposal,

Draft (policy, docs…),

Red team,

Monitoring or actionable info.

Crisis Simulation

Table top (initial level),
Crisis cell simulation (intermediate),
Multi Crisis simultaneous (advanced level).


Team management,

Crisis cell organization,

Multi crisis cell coordination,

Specialized teams (HR, Com, K&R…).

Human Performance Training

One day experiential customized trainings.

Digital tools

Crisis management and decision support platform.
Reputation protection,
Reputation resilience.

Kidnap & randsom training & assistance

Cyber Crisis Management

Implementation of resilience tools.
Cyber crisis exercises and simulations.


Support and Coordination 24/7 (Hotline + deployment)

STS by Pearl

Our experience in operational units as well as in private corporations led us to design specific management trainings aiming collective intelligence and leadership.
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STS by Pearl

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