The Crisis Management mindset

Achieving the Pearl mindset, ROI explained simply.Are you ready is always the question asked when talking about crisis management. Phrased in this fear-inducing way, the question also implies that this is an investment. That is, that there is a return on investment (ROI). Most people think that an investment should multiply the gains. And crisis […]

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Pearl Crisis

Human performance trainings and crisis management

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Building a team for innovation!

As the famous philosopher Mike Tyson said“EVERYONE HAS A PLAN UNTIL THE FIRST UPPERCUT”.Or how to get out of the plan… A follower of Marshal Von Moltke or Sun Tze, Mike Tyson spoke a truth that is the source of eternal debate. Our workshops are always built like this. First we make a plan, then […]

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Forming a team and leadership

Your mission: build a team to accelerate innovationHonored to have had the confidence of this “tech” customer who perfectly understood the added value of Pearl’s immersive training courses. For this customer, innovation is vital in a hyper-competitive world.This customer has chosen to invest in its employees and in the creation of strong links within R&D […]

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Building an agile team !

Collective booster! A heart-warming café in Paris with Y.(small Pearl AAR (After Action Review))Y. is an experienced executive. He has a track record of building cohesive, accountable teams. He tells me spontaneously how he felt 3 years after a training course we had organized for him and other participants he didn’t know. For me, it’s […]

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I didn’t see the planes hit the towers live. 3 days after September 11, I’m sitting in a zodiac next to our instructor, a humorless chief petty officer. We’re in the middle of intense training and have just spent 3 days isolated. In an attempt to chat with our reluctant instructor, I ask him how […]

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Experience shows that the higher
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