“Know one thing above all else, I am responsible.”

A friend of mine recently told me a little story full of lessons.At the time, he was serving in a special unit. This unit had just been bereaved by a tragedy in training. Shortly afterwards, the commander of this unit, a charismatic figure, had called a few members of his unit around him to share […]

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Pearl Crisis

Human performance trainings and crisis management

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Stress management…The example of an operational agent

Compartmentalize to manage stressI don’t handle an interview the same way if my train is late, or if I had an argument on the way to the office, or if I just came out of a heated meeting with my teams.The list of situations is too long, but you get the idea. Who doesn’t know […]

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Connecting with other

A little Haka before going to the office? 😉 When the All Blacks take the stage, like actors or dancers, they give themselves courage by resorting to a ritual. On the surface, it’s just a bit or even very warlike gestures.In reality, these big guys are triggering their empathy. Empathy to go into battle, to […]

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“Walking at a walking pace is stupid

“Walking at a walking pace is stupid
”!Learning by the feet! I must say that this was not what attracted me most in the Army.The “tight order” sessions, marching in step, at the British Naval Academy: it was the collective ritual meeting every morning at 5:30 am with a Royal Marines sergeant straight out of Monty […]

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Decision Making & Crisis

đŸ€”What do US pilots in the Korean War have to do with 5-year-olds beating corporate executives at a construction game? đŸ˜”â€đŸ’«Nous know that the influx of information can saturate teams especially in times of crisis 👉We at Pearl often put teams of decision makers through crisis management exercises. We see these teams start endless discussions.They […]

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