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Ordinary people in extraordinary situations

From 1941 to 1945, at the instigation of Winston Churchill, the legendary British SOE supported resistance movements throughout Europe.
The gamble of daring largely contributed to the final victory by training, in particular, « ordinary » people who, in extraordinary circumstances, proved to be exceptional ».

We have in our DNA the heritage of those who believed in the potential of each individual in the service of collective efficiency.

With STS by Pearl, we share our operational expertise from special units as well as our knowledge of private sector companies through short practical and attractive « action learning » training courses.Beyond the immediate positive impact, we aim at transposing our methodological tools and our « working together in the unexpected » mindset to your organizations.

Action Learning
& decentralization

The team is taken out of its usual environment by the type of tasks to be carried out as well as by a specific context allowing to get out of the daily professional stakes while creating stakes of results peculiar to high performance environments.

Collective intelligence
& leadership

Belonging to the team is at the center of our training courses. Collective intelligence is about sublimating the sum of individualities.
Everyone can express his or her leadership style and improve through the dynamic debriefings held in a caring and flexible manner. Better self­awareness and attention to others are promoted to achieve immediate impact.
Team members can put into practice the “connection” with the present moment, trust, stress management or even realize the importance of the “why” of the mission.

Training Progress

The almost playful appearance of the training courses makes it easier to accept failure and encourages boldness. Here, it is the training progress that will be sought by learning from one’s mistakes thanks to feedback and exchanges with the trainers.

Adapted and tailor-made training courses

STS by Pearl, offers 3 original training courses with specific focus and the possibility to create custom-made training courses :

  • « Violette Szabo » course : develop your team’s agility in the face of uncertainty.
  • « Noor Inayat Khan » : plan an operation and control its execution.
  • « Virginia Hall course » : think like your « opponents » (Red Team).
  • Tailor-made: we design with you the dominants and themes of your experiential trainings.

lntended for crisis management teams, executive teams, managers, teams formed on an ad hoc basis for specific reasons (projects, mergers and acquisitions, teams with different professional cultures or customs, etc.), as well as teams working remotely.

Impact progress

The immediate positive impact of our trainings can be transformed within your organizations thanks to the support we offer you in a second phase through workshops provided in your working site and allowing you to adapt the acquired knowledge in the daily life of the team.

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The Historical legacy of STS 5

During the Second World War, Special Training School 5 trained French agents of the Special Operations Executive (SOE) charged by Winston Churchill to provide information but also to sow chaos behind enemy lines.

Our training is obviously not designed to train agents. This is the historical theme that we have chosen; not only because of the filiation of certain French special units but mainly for the universe of uncertainty that it allows us to recreate. lndeed, in these exceptional circumstances, the basic side of the technology required excellence in the preparation as well as in the execution of missions with their share of unforeseen events.

Your trainers

Photo Franck Chauty

Franck Chauty


More than 20 years in French special forces. lnitiator of the Navy’s SF human intelligence capacity. About ten years in business development, commercial negotiations and then as director of crisis management for a Group listed on the stock exchange. Passionate about the transmission of knowledge.

Photo Sébastien Fage

Sébastien Fage


About 20 years as a senior ntelligence officer for the French Ministry of Defence. Responsible for training in an special unit. Many years in recruitment for private sector companies. Passionate about the transpositions between the Defence and civilian worlds.

Photo Philippe Horras

Philippe Horras

Managing Director

Twenty years in French special operations units. Head of the human intelligence trainings in the Navy SF. Numerous operational missions and privileged relations with the business world. Passionate about learning methods.

lntended for crisis management teams, executive teams, managers, teams formed on an ad hoc basis for specific reasons (projects, mergers and acquisitions, teams with different professional cultures or customs, etc.), as well as teams working remotely.

Our partners

Expeditions with a difference

S.O.E Expeditions deliver authentic S.O.E and Special Forces endurance based adventure expeditions across Europe, Asia and North Africa. Reliving some of the Saboteurs and Special Forces most successful and daring operations.