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A crisis is an exceptional and uncertain situation, with numerous impacts on activity, people, business, reputation and responsibility. The key factor is the team and its ability to function effectively together. The agile crisis management mindset combines team BEHAVIOR, inspired by special units management, with a pragmatic DECISION-making methodology. - Prepare for crisis and uncertainty management: anticipate, organize, train - Develop leadership, collective intelligence, confidence and audacity through experiential training.

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of the

Philippe Horras

CEO & Co-founder

Senior Training & Crisis Management Expert

Philippe had a 22-year career as a senior naval officer in special forces and intelligence. Philippe trained at the Britannia Royal Naval College before qualifying as a watch officer and squad leader in the French Navy’s Special Forces. Oriented towards intelligence operations, Philippe has carried out numerous missions in complex and crisis-ridden regions of Africa and the Middle East. Philippe has developed a keen interest in and alternative approaches to the issues facing private companies in the field of strategic intelligence at the crossroads of geopolitical, economic and social domains, with an emphasis on weak signals and pre-crisis warning.

At the end of 2019, Philippe co-founded Pearl Crisis Response. Since then, he has carried out numerous customer assignments in France and abroad, audits, exercises, action learning, negotiation and crisis management training.


Photo Caroline  Saisou


Caroline Saisou


Crisis Management & BCP Expert

A specialist in crisis management, simulation exercises, cyber security and business continuity (BCP), Caroline is passionate about learning as much as passing on her knowledge.
She immediately embraced the Pearl adventure with a cheerfulness that seems to be an integral part of her state of mind.

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and learning

Sébastien Fage


Pearl Crisis Response

Senior Crisis Management Expert

Sebastien served 20 years as a senior intelligence officer with the French DoD. Troughout his career, he held numerous field assignements in crisis areas and led deployments in sensitive and complex environments. For several years, Sebastien was assigned to oversee a cell in charge of training and operations of a special intelligence unit. Afterwards, Sebastien joined an executive search firm as SVP, then settled his own company, specialized in cybersecurity recruitment.

He also provides training to private business companies in the field of crisis management, teambuilding and decision-making processes.

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