Managing crisis
is managing

People, Environment, Assets, Reputation, Liability


Many people & stakeholders could be impacted, involved or need to be informed internally and externally. This is the very first issue when managing a crisis.


Public’s concerns about the environment have been growing in recent years. With this increasing interest in environmental issues, you need to be prepared in case an environmental crisis affects your business.


Critical assets could be impacted directly or indirectly by any type of crisis. The measures to protect them should be adjusted within the action plan.


Corporate reputation is a company’s most valuable intangible asset. Effective communication management can help a company overcome a crisis more quickly and with fewer negative consequences in terms of market capitalization, talents retention, and consumer preferences.


The scope of corporate’s legal and societal responsibilities is growing. Assuming actions taken as early as possible and assuming responsibilities allow to defuse series of attacks.

Pearl Crisis
The alliance
of 2 expertises
to foster your

Managing a crisis requires to Shape a SPECIFIC ORGANIZATION and a STANCE/ POSTURE, Analyze as fast as possible the MAGNITUDE OF THE IMPACTS, Act following the SENSITIVITY OF EVERY STAKEHOLDERS, BEHAVE CALM within the Crisis Team (BE CALM Method).

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Behave sharpen your management tools with action learning. reveal your talents.

PEARL Crisis Response stirs up your ability to «work as a team» and to assume ownership through Human Performance Trainings. Beside specific crisis simulation trainings, customized one-day 3-level experiential trainings in vicinity of your office will allow your team to better behave in uncertainty :

Training level 1

«work as a team», facing challenges
and adapting to constraints to bring
out «collective efficiency»,

Training level 2

«plan & act», organizing team and
leadership to perform complex tasks,

Training level 3

«think out of the box», train to think as
your opponents.

  • Confidence
  • Collective efficiency
  • Cooperation

Calm collective efficiency in the crisis

Pearl Crisis Response experts challenge your ability to « work as a team » and to « face up to one’s responsibility » in crisis time, share their operational experience through « BE CALM » method & organization. The main ambition throughout those trainings: to help you to master a crisis action plan… faster!

Experience shows that the higher an entity’s level of preparedness, the greater its resilience. Pearl Crisis Response approach to crisis management is therefore based on the conviction that decisions taken during any crisis will have a direct impact on the future of the concerned organisations.

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