Crisis is not a choice
response is

Our vision

“It is not the walls that make the city, it is the people.

(Plato, 428 – 427 BC)


During our careers in special units, we learned that procedures, strategy and technology were essential. But this is not enough to achieve success. It is the people who make the difference, through teamwork, commitment and leadership. That’s why we assist our clients in both Methodology and Team strengthening.

Prevent costs

Protect your reputation and assets

Preserve your people and environment

Our strategy

A « team of teams »
We are the « quaterback » of a trusted team

About Pearl

Our method

The alliance of two expertises to foster your resiliency.


About Pearl Crisis

8 experts

A dedicated team of experts, all special operations seasoned behavioural psychologists, coaches and high profile strategists, will challenge and assist you during trainings and beyond.

1 unique method

Pearl crisis response experts challenge your ability to "work as a team" and "to face up to one's responsibility'' in crisis time, share their operationnal experience through "BE CALM" method and organization.

4 implantations

all over the world.

International customers

in Energy, Extractive Industries, Sport Organizations, Hotel Chains...

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Our capacities

Through its alliance of all recognized partners, Pearl Crisis Response has created a « team of teams » to offer an integrated solution ranging from human performance to cyber security and information management



Organization proposal,

Draft (policy, docs…),

Red team,

Monitoring or actionable info.

Human Performance Training

One day experiential customized trainings.

Digital tools

Crisis management and decision support platform.
Reputation protection,
Reputation resilience.


Team management,

Crisis cell organization,

Multi crisis cell coordination,

Specialized teams (HR, Com, K&R…).

Cyber Crisis Management

Implementation of resilience tools.
Cyber crisis exercises and simulations.

Crisis Simulation

Table top (initial level),
Crisis cell simulation (intermediate),
Multi Crisis simultaneous (advanced level).


Support and Coordination 24/7 (Hotline + deployment)