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Building an agile team !

Collective booster! A heart-warming café in Paris with Y.
(small Pearl AAR (After Action Review))
Y. is an experienced executive. He has a track record of building cohesive, accountable teams.

He tells me spontaneously how he felt 3 years after a training course we had organized for him and other participants he didn’t know. For me, it’s the best RETEX and a lot of lessons learned that allow me to believe in our approach to experiential management training (we learn better by experimenting).

👉Y explained how the day we had spent together had been a gas pedal for team building.
👉He realized that he had gotten to know his teammates, with their strengths and weaknesses, in an accelerated way.
👉 He realized that he had formed a collective with them, whose strength they had revealed through our scripted workshops.

At ⚙️Avec Pearl, we offer an offbeat approach to management issues, enabling managers, leaders and management teams to get to know each other even better, both individually and collectively.

⚡️Par Our role-playing scenarios are based on the world we come from, and we transpose proven know-how from special units to everyday management, enabling teams to reveal their strengths.

⚡️Nous gives leaders and teams the opportunity to reveal themselves. To reveal themselves to themselves, to gain confidence in their capacity for creativity, innovation and adaptation.

⚡️Ces teams are stronger when they become aware of their ability to adapt:
They are not afraid of friction, which stimulates decision-making and innovation.
-They practice more “flexibly”, asking themselves more questions about the purpose of their mission.
-They deduce their room for maneuver and therefore their areas of initiative.
➡️They are more agile.

In both day-to-day and exceptional situations, we believe in human potential. And we’re not the only ones. And that’s just as well.

Let’s talk in PM. Find out more about us. Let’s talk about your needs for innovation, agility, decision-making and trust in your organization.

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