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Connecting with other

A little Haka before going to the office? 😉

When the All Blacks take the stage, like actors or dancers, they give themselves courage by resorting to a ritual.

On the surface, it’s just a bit or even very warlike gestures.
In reality, these big guys are triggering their empathy.

Empathy to go into battle, to go on stage, to go to the factory, to go to the office?

Yes, they are connecting by synchronizing, by repeating these ritual gestures. They prepare themselves to cooperate.
And cooperation is based on our capacity for empathy.
This famous quality that we keep saying is an asset for managers.
It is true.

This capacity for empathy allows us to anticipate, to guess, the needs of others. It allows active listening which is a management tool. To implement it, we have to be in sync, to synchronize ourselves. And we can synchronize mentally by synchronizing physically.

Curiously, it is the gesture that precedes the thought or initiates it. The movement that creates the emotions. This would not surprise a Sylvain Tesson but it is not really intuitive if one wants to analyze it. Especially in a Cartesian and individualistic country.

Koreans have what they call “nunchi” which is roughly translated by “savoir vivre” in French. Nunchi is the art of understanding the mental and emotional universe of others. No wonder this word is not French.

Cooperation is about anticipating the needs of others. Zidane’s pass is the result of seeing the game and understanding who is in a position to do what at that moment.
The manager reacts in the same way when delegating, trusting by understanding who can do what and allowing it.

This cooperation is therefore based on trust, collective intelligence and empathy.

So much more could be said

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