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20/80…Pearl’s law! 😉

👉Anticipate (get organized, get to know yourself better)
👉Prepare (validate organization, set up an adaptive mindset, interact better with others)
➡️Gagner serenity (widening your comfort zone, postponing the onset of a crisis, managing stress and emotions, working better as a team to get through a crisis together).

Crisis is not the same for everyone. What everyone has in common is that it’s the moment when you feel you’re in over your head!
Pearl’s Law is all about anticipating and preparing to gain serenity. This represents 20% of the effort required by an organization that has not prepared itself…and therefore 80% of the result of the effort on the day of a crisis, whatever it may be!
(Slightly inspired by Pareto’s law 😉)

So let’s talk about what a crisis means to you.
The first appointment is free of charge, and will give you an initial overview of your organization.

What risk are you running? Losing an hour? What if Pearl could save you 80% of effort on the day?

PEARL Crisis Response

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