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Customer’s Trust

The phone rings…
I am on my way to a client’s office to organize a crisis management exercise.
Last summer, we conducted our first mission to audit the client’s crisis organization. Since then, we have organized several exercises with the management team and we are progressively integrating the agencies that are scattered throughout France.
Tomorrow, we are organizing the last exercise in this program.

“We should talk about what’s next. Inwardly, I find the coincidence incredible. I have been working on a coaching offer for the beginning of the week. At the same time, I am surprised and feel this incredible confidence. The client doesn’t even wait until the exercise is done to talk about what to do next. I have my little dopamine rush, I must admit…

This client has completely bought into our approach to crisis management. Or maybe we were inspired by his organization? But there is a real alignment between us. It’s a huge satisfaction.
It also allows us to look ahead and think about this project that we are building in good weather but also when the elements seem less favorable.

It is also the confirmation of the validity of our offers and our approach which places the human factor and the functioning of the teams at the heart of the organization.

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