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Cyber security: organizing, training…

Pearl and its partner Cyber Veyan conducted their first joint exercise

For our client, the desire to do an exercise that allows for a dynamic inventory.

The moment is right for the IT team to get out of its daily routine for a moment to think together. Stimulated by Veyan and Pearl, through concrete cases, the team starts to slip into the crisis management mindset (the famous “what if”).

A few hours spent together in a relaxed state of mind. And the satisfaction of the client, which allows us to share what was at first only an intuition about his situation and which can go further with the assessment and the key elements of an action plan that we share with him.

His ambition: to have a cyber crisis management capability that is strategically designed to meet a strategic vision for the company.

This exercise was only the first of a series that will allow the customer to increase its dynamic protection, by organizing itself, using a common decision making methodology (CALM) with the general management’s one, allowing to fluidify the internal dialogue and to obtain a homogeneous “situation awareness” in the different entities of the organization.

For Pearl, this partnership with Veyan is the result of a common work for more than a year to identify our complementarities and to build solutions in order to make our customers more resilient, better prepared and confident in their collective intelligence and their decision making.

Thank you to Hervé DEGROOT for his communicative energy, his pedagogy and his generosity!
Thank you to Veyan for this premiere which opens new perspectives.

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