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Seminar: uncertainty management

Pearl seminar
On the menu: collective intelligence, trust, commitment

Pearl organizes your seminar or master classes in exceptional places to spend exceptional moments in team.

By decentering you, by “playing” on unusual situations, we bring you to react collectively, to weigh the delicate balance between planning and adaptation in action, to use emotions and to discern limiting mental patterns…

You will come back to the office with some memories of moments of cohesion but also some lasting lessons on trust, collective intelligence, decision making in an uncertain environment…

We put at your service not only our years of experience in special units but also the sum of knowledge we have acquired from companies with their cultures, their challenges and their strengths.

Tell us about your projects, your daily life, your challenges and we will co-construct a training with long-lasting impacts.

Our training courses are built in compliance with the QUALIOPI standard and our clients can benefit from the advantages linked to this standard.

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