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Small Example of Situational Intelligencer

David Stirling, breaks into a headquarters without authorization

David Stirling shows an incredible nerve, that of aristocrats, and an impressive situational intelligence (in the TV series).
This is the beginning of a sequence that leads him to force the door of the general commanding the British forces in North Africa to “sell” him his crazy idea of a special force…

Situational intelligence is a useful quality for an individual and absolutely necessary in a team. Some people are good at it. But it can be worked on…
And the best way is, as is often the case, to start with self-knowledge. And there is nothing better to know oneself than to experiment?
Pearl’s situational scenarios allow to highlight the abilities of each person and of the team to situational intelligence!

There is no way to “spoiler” the Rogue Heroes series which is about the creation of the mythical SAS during the Second World War in North Africa.

David Stirling, 27 years old, is presented as the dreamer-visionary (but not infallible), a kind of Steve Jobs of the Second World War, who joins forces with a “creator” (Jock Lewes) and a “maverick” (Paddy Mayne) to found an elite unit from nothing, or almost.

A vision, audacity, an ability to convince the leaders by forcing destiny, an ability to create a special environment of trust where the men will give their best….The special unit par excellence certainly. But, don’t we all have, around us, companies created by this type of alliance of skills?

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