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To accompany our customers any time !

An arduous vacation! But in the service of our customers!

👉 Over the vacations, Pearl Crisis Response once again demonstrated its adaptability and creativity in helping customers deal with exceptional situations. With two customers calling us in the middle of their vacations, we were able to provide crisis management solutions on a range of topics, from security to environmental issues.

👉For one client, we helped organize and align the crisis management organization of his company and business units in Canada and Africa.

👉Another customer needed our help to prepare his team to leave for a remote country on very short notice. Thanks to our long-term relationship with this customer, we were able to build trust and create tailored solutions, including a country manual and coordination for team safety.

👉Already last year, also in August, a customer called on Pearl to help out in a Middle Eastern country and I had to be away for several weeks.
I first had to understand a changing context, the needs of the local end-customer, rebuild trust with his CEO and create solutions acceptable to him.
In the end, thanks to Pearl’s objectivity and ability to pass on information to decision-makers, our French customer was able to see just how bad the relationship with his local customer had become.
Today, the contract has come to an end to the satisfaction of both our French customer and his local customer, to whom he had sent us.

👉This was an assignment like Pearl can pull off, demonstrating our capabilities, adaptability, creativity, ability to work with trust and build high-level relationships with important customers to help them anticipate, organize and prepare for exceptional situations.

⚙️The price to pay for this reminds me of my military career: absences, last-minute changes to vacations, postponements of personal projects to the following year, missed birthdays….But as when I was in the special units, I still believe that helping (the country, our customers, the people…) is worth giving our best.

➡️ At Pearl, our success is based on our loyal, reliable and flexible approach to managing exceptional situations. We work discreetly (“Quiet Professionals”) and build trusting relationships with our customers, creating “tailor-made” solutions that meet their unique needs.

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