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Building a team for innovation!

As the famous philosopher Mike Tyson said
Or how to get out of the plan…

A follower of Marshal Von Moltke or Sun Tze, Mike Tyson spoke a truth that is the source of eternal debate.

Our workshops are always built like this. First we make a plan, then we learn how to get out of the plan.

Our immersive training workshops are simple in appearance, but allow us to put our participants in unusual situations.

We take them out of their daily lives, and put them off center. The stakes are no longer the same: they are more receptive to learning about themselves and receiving new feedback.

We project them into these new situations by creating a scenario that helps them understand the meaning of the action, why we do or don’t do it.

We ask them to rigorously prepare a plan, and we realize that this plan is often no more than a means of anticipating non-conformities and surprises. We have a plan B, or even a plan C.
So you need a planner’s mindset. A bit psychorigid! But that’s not enough to succeed.

Because things don’t always turn out the way you want them to. The plan is fixed, but the situation evolves. So you have to adapt.
And that’s where the Duke Ellington mindset comes in. It’s better not to be psychorigid when you have to use your situational intelligence!

You need to maintain a mental flexibility that allows you to change situations, to understand changes in environment, missions and goals as you go along.

But understanding all this alone is useless in our world. You have to be able to do it with a team.

And that’s where our added value comes into its own: team adaptation.
Yes, I forgot to tell you: all our work is done in a team, because for us, it’s the TEAM that’s at the heart of any organization’s success.
Individual success is fleeting. Team success lasts.

Let me repeat: it’s the team’s adaptation that we bring into play, accelerating the pace as the workshops progress.

Participants discover themselves in many senses of the word.
They drop their masks, recognizing that they don’t know how to do everything.
They also discover their ability to quickly integrate into a team, to quickly form a collective.
Finally, they discover their personal capacities, such as the impact they have on others and on their environment.

They gain confidence.

You don’t believe me?
I didn’t believe it before either!

Would you like to know more?
Would you like to discover our world, put yourself in an unusual situation, test yourself?

You’re welcome.

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