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Important reminder!

Following a recent incident, we’d like to remind you that not all enlightened management team members travel together on the same plane.

The difference between theory and practice is not uncommon.

Theory is known to all, and is asserted, for example, in procedures and crisis management exercises.
Practice is the certainty that it only happens to others!

Of course, there are cognitive biases behind this.
Ignorance of statistics. Lack of consideration for non-compliant cases. Denial of the consequences. Overconfidence. The belief that regulations only apply to others. We’ve seen worse! (really?)

How many times have I heard teams relaxing after a crisis management exercise and talking about the plan to hold a seminar in a destination that is highly conducive to work and reflection… and the trip booked for everyone on the same flight to build cohesion!

Of course, if you want to travel to certain countries where planes have a strong tendency to be accidentally shot down by anti-aircraft defenses, you’d better take the train!

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