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“Walking at a walking pace is stupid…”!

“Walking at a walking pace is stupid…”!
Learning by the feet!

I must say that this was not what attracted me most in the Army.
The “tight order” sessions, marching in step, at the British Naval Academy: it was the collective ritual meeting every morning at 5:30 am with a Royal Marines sergeant straight out of Monty Python.

At first, we looked like nothing. Then, little by little, we got better. And gradually, we felt like we belonged to a group, that we were one with the group.

Oddly enough, in the most basic way, we were creating a collective.

In a less basic way, we were using our capacity to cooperate.

In an even less basic way, we were using, and perhaps developing, our empathy. We were connecting, synchronizing and feeling the same feelings.

Perhaps marching was and is meant to impress the enemy by demonstrating discipline. But it is also about connecting individuals to make a collective in the simplest way.

The lessons are too numerous for a single post.

This sense of belonging to the group then allows for courage, physical courage to begin with.

We can then say that we learn by walking together.

This involves much more complex mechanisms that neurology has recently revealed and that humans have been experiencing since the beginning of humanity. The survival of the human hope owes everything to them.
How can we explain that this species, which was not the best physically endowed when it appeared, has been able to survive until now?

It is the capacity of cooperation that has allowed it.
And this capacity of cooperation is directly linked to our mode of learning: mimicry.
And mimicry is itself linked to our capacity for empathy.
And empathy is linked to our neurological functioning…

We don’t think about all this when we walk, but we experience it, we feel it.

Experimenting, experiencing together, is a way to develop the collective and the collective intelligence (when the IQ of the group is higher than the sum of all the IQs put together), the capacity of cooperation and the agility.

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