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Following a recent incident, we’d like to remind you that not all enlightened management team members travel together on the same plane. The difference between theory and practice is not uncommon. Theory is known to all, and is asserted, for example, in procedures and crisis management exercises.Practice is the certainty that it only happens to […]

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An arduous vacation! But in the service of our customers! 👉 Over the vacations, Pearl Crisis Response once again demonstrated its adaptability and creativity in helping customers deal with exceptional situations. With two customers calling us in the middle of their vacations, we were able to provide crisis management solutions on a range of topics, […]

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Summer serial: a taste for adventure and leadership (ep. 4)

In the austral summer of 1915, Shackleton’s ship L’Endurance was trapped in the Antarctic ice and sank.The 28-man crew are on an ice floe, far from the rest of the world. Shackleton and his crew set off on a Homeric voyage, first dragging their longboats across the ice chaos to reach an open sea. Aiming […]

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Summer serial: A taste for adventure and leadership (ep. 3)

In the austral summer of 1914, Ernest Shackleton’s ship, the Endurance, is trapped in the Antarctic ice.The hull is cracking dangerously. Water inlets appear. The ship is gradually broken up by the ice. It eventually sank, leaving the crew on the ice floe with food supplies and lifeboats. No help could come from outside. The […]

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Summer serial: A taste for adventure and leadership (ep. 2)

In 1914, Ernest Shackleton recruited for the “Endurance Expedition”, promising a small salary, polar cold, long months without sun, constant danger, an unlikely return, but honor and recognition in the event of success… Hundreds volunteered. Shackleton created his own recruitment criteria. The expedition was aptly named, Endurance, because the ship was trapped in the ice […]

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