A taste for adventure and leadership (ep. 1)

Who today would recruit with the promise of a low salary, polar cold, long months without sun, constant danger, an unlikely return but honor and recognition in the event of success? Even the Navy wouldn’t dare, and would at least put up a photo of paradise islands in the middle of the Pacific. But this […]

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Pearl Crisis

Human performance trainings and crisis management

About Pearl

20/80…Pearl’s law! 😉

👉Anticipate (get organized, get to know yourself better)👉Prepare (validate organization, set up an adaptive mindset, interact better with others)➡️Gagner serenity (widening your comfort zone, postponing the onset of a crisis, managing stress and emotions, working better as a team to get through a crisis together). Crisis is not the same for everyone. What everyone has […]

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Know yourself

👉to interact better with others👉to build more effective teams👉to improve company efficiency 🤔What can Pearl bring you with its immersive training courses? ⚙️D First of all, let’s remember that Pearl has 2 activities whose hyphen is the human factor and team performance. We act as:👉 #crisismanagement consultants for certain customers, helping them to organize and […]

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Not everyone understands our bias.But more and more people do! The explanation lasts longer than the 15-second elevator pitch. That’s why I’ve given up on impatient people who want a cloned, pre-packaged presentation. A customer asked us to organize a training session on CREATING A COLLECTIVE.His team works remotely. It’s made up of new “recruits” […]

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The leverage of Crisis Management: anticipate and invest

How to use the Crisis Management organization as an asset for the company? For the past 1 year, Pearl has been working with CREOCEAN, a company that has perfectly grasped the opportunity represented by the crisis management organization. This organization, proposed and co-constructed with Pearl, focuses on the human factor, and is also designed to […]

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Experience shows that the higher
an entity's level of preparedness,
the greater its resilience.

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