Transposing the know-how of special units to the service of corporate management 🤔”It’s an aberration!”🤔”It’s pure marketing!”🤔”They’re completely different worlds!”🤔”The military can go as far as the ultimate sacrifice!”🤔”The vocations of one and the other have nothing to do with each other!”🤔”The military commands and does not manage!”… 👉Small panegyric of the critical reactions heard […]

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Pearl Crisis

Human performance trainings and crisis management

About Pearl

Crisis management training at INSP (French National Superior Institute for Public Administration)

I had the honor of speaking this Monday at the INSP – Institut national du service public, to launch a several-day session dedicated to #crisismanagement, for the benefit of foreign civil servants. On the agenda: a presentation of crisis management and a strong focus on the #humanfactor:👉the effects of stress👉the #biaiscognitives👉the #decision process👉the need for […]

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Become a “living organism”!

We’re still often asked what Pearl has to offer.And so I see the evolution of our offer. First, we proposed to be :👉 crisis management consultants👉 with a strong focus on the human factor👉to put management teams back at the heart of the organization👉 to ensure better decision-making But on closer inspection, we found that […]

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Leadership and decision-making: the ability to change your mind

Changing your mind sometimes requires a lot of intelligence and #confidence. We’re on the brink of nuclear war…no apparent reason to change our minds. And yet… In this scene, the commander of an American nuclear submarine has been ordered to destroy the Red October, a Soviet nuclear submarine. The USSR’s political authorities have explained to […]

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Engagement: testify, share, exchange, learn

I had the honor of speaking with Capgemini decision-makers last week as part of the emlyon business school’s making leaders program. The talk, prepared with Thomas MISSLIN’s infectious enthusiasm and under the watchful eye of Claire Moreau, was a very rich exchange.It was a real exchange that left my brain bubbling with ideas. Time flew […]

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